About Us

We provide industry-leading solutions and services to empower your enterprise.

Supply Tigers MaaS™ is the secret weapon for companies looking to improve cost and operating efficiencies. Our hands-on and innovative strategies target specific business areas and help you drive enterprise value.

What Does MaaS™ Do?

Automates manual processes for efficient procurement and payables

Creates visibility and controls to obtain and manage procurement metrics

Modernizes antiqued and disconnected processes to improve working capital and support efficient growth

What Is Active GPO®?

The Supply Tigers Active Group Purchasing Organization® is an industry-leading concept where businesses can enjoy the same benefits as major corporations.

Business Intelligence

Utilizing a network of high-quality suppliers, your business has access to top-tier products and leverages pricing on all indirect-spend. Supply Tigers provides inclusive benefits you can’t find anywhere else. No other place has Active GPO® + marketplace integration.

How Can Supply Tigers Help My Business?

Decrease Spending Costs

Increase Financial Control

Save Time & Money

Maximize Productivity

Drive Profitability

Enhance Business Intelligence

Automate Procurement

Combined, Supply Tigers MaaS™ + Active GPO® offer better control throughout every stage of procurement. Manage company spending, receive purchasing insights, and streamline procurement processes all in one place.


Randal Briesath

Managing Partner – Mr. Briesath is founder and majority owner of GTM Holdings, a holding company that owns a series …

Jennifer Vaughn

Mrs. Vaughn joined the company in 2016 to head up the Client Operations team. Her primary role is to improve …

Derek Walton

Derek manages the Customer Experience from the initial assessment of opportunity through implementation and subsequent value journey. He brings 25+ …


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