Petfood Industry and Supply Tigers announce collaborative partnership

March 1, 2022, Lisle, Illinois — Leaders of Petfood Industry magazine, from WATT Global Media, and Supply Tigers, Inc. are pleased to announce a partnership that allows pet food companies and industry suppliers to streamline their indirect spend optimization. The partnership will be effective starting March 1, 2022.

Supply Tigers employs its revolutionary Marketplace as a Solution (MaaS™) and Active Group Purchasing Organization (GPO®) concepts to give companies the ability to modernize their indirect spend procurement processes.

“We’re very excited to partner with Petfood Industry and bring our solution sets to the pet food marketplace. Our next-gen solutions provide companies with a low-cost entryway to increase savings and modernize their procurement—all while providing a procurement platform they can grow upon. Given the expense and pressures facing the pet food industry, we needed a way to get our message out in media channels that pet food professionals know and trust. Petfood Industry magazine, and its online and digital products, is the right partner to impart the awareness we need,” said Randy Briesath, owner and CEO of Supply Tigers.

MaaS™ + Active GPO® are the secret weapons for businesses looking to improve cost and operating efficiencies. Combined, these solutions leverage and automate indirect spend and payable functions. Not to mention, they enhance control throughout every stage of procurement.

Steve Akins, executive vice president, publisher, global petfood and events at WATT Global Media added, “We always look for partners that can provide unique value to our clients and readers. Supply Tigers will significantly reduce a pet food or supplier company’s expenses by streamlining their indirect procurement process, and at a time when costs are rising while supply chain disruption is more common than ever.”

Through this partnership, companies within the pet food and treat industry will be able to gain access to proven procurement and automation processes which will amplify their company’s unique value. Supply Tigers MaaS™ + Active GPO® empower businesses to manage company spending, receive purchasing insights, and streamline procurement processes all in one place.

Supply Tigers and its affiliates have innovative strategies that target specific areas within your business and help drive continuous enterprise value.

For industry-leading solutions and services to empower your enterprise, visit or call Douglas McArthur at (630) 974-8532.

Supply Tigers (ST) has built a network of high-quality suppliers and developed Group Purchasing Organization (Active GPO®) concepts that allow smaller companies to enjoy the benefits of scale generally reserved only for multi-national behemoths. Additionally, ST revamped traditional procurement with MaaS™, which helps businesses refine and simplify operational processes.

Petfood Industry is owned by WATT Global Media. WATT Global Media has grown agrifood and pet food businesses with proven results for 105 years. WATT’s brands and product portfolio provide access to market expertise, engaged audiences, and targeted solutions that lead to successful connections in the poultry, feed, and pet food markets. With WATT Global Media, gain a global advantage in implementing dynamic marketing solutions through innovative technology and delivery channels.

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