What Is Marketplace as a Solution (MaaS™)?

No matter your industry, efficiency and visibility are among the top priorities for purchasing teams. Instead of searching for products in multiple sources, you have everything you need in one place. With Supply Tigers’ Marketplace as a Solution, you have access to innovative strategies that increase savings potential and drive purchasing

Our multi-channel, cloud platform facilitates automated and advanced purchasing, payments, vendor invoices, and spend management. MaaS™ revamps traditional purchasing with systems that help refine business operations.

Let’s learn more about the powerful features of Marketplace as a Solution.

Why Do Businesses Need MaaS™?

MaaS™ saves businesses time and improves productivity.

This revolutionary concept is designed to help businesses simplify their purchasing and payables processes. MaaS™ is an easy-to-use online resource that helps businesses improve processes and control costs. Our solution addresses outdated practices, improves supplier collaboration, and boosts financial control.

Get Proven Procurement Automation


Our platform is recognized for high performance by several reputable software review sites.

Easy to Use

Setup is simple and we offer high-quality customer support and technical assistance.

Forward Thinking

Save up to 54% on invoice processing costs and use ⅓ as many internal employees with AP automation*

*Hackett Group’s latest Purchase to Pay Performance Study

Transform Indirect Purchasing with Marketplace as a Solution (MaaS™)


What is Spend Under Management?

In simple terms, Spend Under Management is the percentage of annual, addressable spend being purchased utilizing preferred supplier contracts. With indirect spend, most companies focus on purchasing through preferred contracts. There’s no strategic approach to indirect spend management; in some cases, no resources exist to consistently ensure cost erosion and maverick spending doesn’t occur.

When you effectively manage indirect spend, you have greater control over the cost and have the right products delivered from the best suppliers.

  • Managing indirect spend effectively depends on several factors:
  • Full visibility of spend
  • Spend and category consolidation
  • Strategic sourcing
  • Employee education
  • Change management mindset

How Can Marketplace as a Solution Help My Business

You can’t manage or fix what you can’t see, which is why spend data and visibility are essential to getting spend under management. MaaS™ is a low-cost, buying platform where categories are aggregated with preferred suppliers and spend controls, ensuring buying only happens for the products and services approved for purchase.

We understand your key issues and created MaaS™ to solve them. Don’t have enough staff to handle admin work? Poor communication with suppliers? Lack of visibility around spend?

MaaS™ solutions handle your toughest and most costly challenges.

  • Flexible approval workflow process
  • Intuitive aggregation and order amendment
  • Reduced human error and manual inputting
  • Specialized supplier team and fast onboarding
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integrations
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Real-time business insight
  • Increase business agility

Efficiency Savings with MaaS™

Based on a $400M Manufacturing Company with a typical spend profile of $4 million of indirect spend and 9,000 purchase transactions.

  • $98,056: Annual Savings on Order Processing
  • $17,251: Annual Savings on Order Errors
  • $96,724: Annual Savings on Payment Reconciliation Errors
  • $212,031: Total Efficiency Cost Savings Achieved

Supplier Management Using Marketplace as a Solution

With MaaS™, only strategic and preferred suppliers are added to the platform. This allows customers to strategically manage suppliers by stratifying the indirect supplier base to just those approved by the customer and provides buyers with one source to shop from. Driving spend through preferred suppliers improves spend compliance and improves performance-to-contracts.

With a one-stop shopping platform, you can buy effectively and collaborate with suppliers from requisition to the final payment. MaaS™ improves supplier management by bridging the communication gap and making data as well as order visibility accessible for both parties.

Streamline Purchasing With Active GPO® and MaaS™

As pet food and treat manufacturers look to modernize outdated procurement processes, more companies see the benefits of implementing efficient source-to-pay strategies.

Supply Tigers Active GPO® and Marketplace as a Solution (MaaS™) give companies the ability to maximize savings and streamline operations. This all-in-one platform simplifies, streamlines, and optimizes every aspect of purchasing . Active GPO® + MaaS™ are next-gen solutions that offer better control throughout every procurement stage. Manage company spending, receive purchasing insights, and streamline procurement processes all in one place.

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