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Transform how you purchase and pay for goods and services 

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Using our revolutionary Marketplace as a Solution (MaaS™) and Active Group Purchasing Organization (Active GPO®) concepts, we help companies modernize their purchasing solutions and processes.


Expert advisory services track spend data and maximize every dollar.


Innovative MaaS™ automation accelerates purchasing solutions and processes.


Active GPO® gives you purchasing power
and efficient collaboration that lowers cost, increases financial control, and saves time.

How much can MaaS™ & Active GPO® save your business?


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Leaders of Petfood Industry magazine, from WATT Global Media, and Supply Tigers, Inc. …

Pet Food Company Decreases Costs, Increases Buying Power With Supply Tigers ActiveGPO®

A mid-sized pet food ingredient supplier had…

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Improve annual cost and operate at peak efficiency with our world-class, procure-to-pay solutions.

Total Efficiency Cost
Total GPO Savings
Total Expected Cost Savings
Potential ROI

*Based on a $400M Manufacturing Company with a typical spend profile of $4 million of indirect spend and 9,000 purchase transactions.



Annual Savings on Order Processing

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Orders by phone, fax, or email demand a considerable amount of your employees’ time. Thus, the impact of electronic self-service capabilities can benefit suppliers and the internal organization. It is estimated that each order takes 15 minutes to process manually and less than five minutes electronically.


Annual Savings on
Order Errors

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When customers fully embrace Supply Tigers Active GPO® + Marketplace, it’s expected that more than 90% compliance can be achieved. However, if customers spend with off-program suppliers, it results in hundreds of thousands of dollars of potential savings lost. Consequently, the majority of the spend directed through Supply Tigers GPO® partners will generate extensive savings.


Annual Savings on Payment Reconciliation Errors

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With electronic three-way matching and reconciliation, the order, receipt, and invoice all match. This makes it possible to have no-touch payment. Consequently,  AP (accounts payable) processing is much more efficient. Payments match, and invoice fraud is eliminated. Manual payment reconciliation may take up to 20 minutes to correct whereas three-way matching takes maybe five minutes.


Total Efficiency Cost Savings Achieved

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Automation improves overall cost, increases productivity, standardizes business processes, and reduces errors. All of which help employees to focus on growth-producing projects and improve morale. In addition, cloud-based services support remote work, which benefits flexible workforce initiatives.



Savings achieved by leveraging our Active GPO® contracts

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Supply Tigers Active GPO® programs typically save a company 8-30% on the categories addressed. By combining GPO programs and driving compliance through those programs, mid-market customers can enjoy the same leverage as larger corporations. Visibility spending and compliance drive the right behaviors for greater efficiency and savings. Supply Tigers Active GPO® programs plus full compliance to contracts ensures competitive pricing and applicable savings.


Annual Savings Improvement Through GPO® Compliance

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Supply Tigers offers Active GPO® with key suppliers that cover more than 30% of all indirect spend. Other spend is estimated to be with local or customer-preferred suppliers, which typically isn’t moved to the managed spend category. Most customers achieve 70% compliance within the non-marketplace setting. Savings achieved from Active GPO® programs are typically between 8% and 30%; this covers approximately 30% of your total MRO spend.


Total GPO® Saving Achieved

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Supply Tigers Active GPO® drives savings across your indirect spend by creating leverage, increasing visibility and compliance to contracts.


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