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Supply Tigers, Inc. Buy better. Buy smarter.

The Supply Tigers Difference:

We reduce your operating expenses by aggregating spend and leveraging data to create smarter supply chain solutions.

Performance based including vendor pays option, means no cost to you!

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Buy better.

We reduce cost and improve supply chain performance, for middle market manufacturing, distribution and service companies. We aggregate then leverage, the spend of all our clients, to develop and implement savings and efficiency programs.

Buy smarter.

Unlike traditional, passive GPO’s, which leave resource strapped clients to search for and extract value from, pre-negotiated discounted rates with vendors, we have developed an innovative, actively managed approach. We take leverage to the next level: using powerful analytical tools, we track on-going spend, identifying opportunities to make further savings through, for example, standardization, substitution or collaborative vendor programs.


Leveraging our buying power and category expertise, we offer our Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) to solve the most complex purchasing transactions and cost dilemmas for indirect supplies and services. We expand the capabilities of our marketplace to combine services and solutions not offered by a traditional marketplace. Our Marketplace as a Service (MaaS) fully combines purchasing power with the best technology available for a unique purchasing experience.

How do we help?

No resources? No problem.

We work as an extension to your team, using our collaborative but not time consuming, processes and tools to get the job done quickly. Our work always results in time saving solutions, giving your team time to focus on critical, value added work. We can also provide you with advanced purchasing software to help capture spend data and improve procurement processes.

No visibility to expenses? No problem.

Using advanced spend analytic technologies, we are able to collect and organize your data even if it is spread across multiple formats, locations and systems, to create a foundation for analysis and sourcing, as well as measurement and verification of results. We also track compliance to programs and provide regular reports, to ensure that you are maximizing the value identified.

Who do we help?

We save money and improve the supply chain for a wide variety of businesses across North America, including: food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, automotive, direct marketing, meat processing, distribution, consumer packaged goods, service industries.

Companies who don’t have the bandwidth to excel at procurement across the entire spectrum of spend categories, will find great value in working with us.

We support these industries with significant leverage and “should cost” knowledge and solution expertise, across a wide range of spend categories including packaging, freight, full spectrum of engineering supplies, office, print, telecom.

We have a particular strength, serving Private Equity firms, understanding their operating mode and delivering solutions that meet their business goals. Some of our consultants joined us from the ops team of a leading PE firm and bring significant insight to that area of business.

About us

Thanks to a continuous flow of referrals, we are a successful and fast growing, privately owned consulting practice, based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. Our consultants are all experienced procurement professionals who have previously “walked in our client’s shoes” and understand the realities and challenges of manufacturing and distribution. In addition, several consultants joined us from the ops team of a leading PE firm and bring significant insight to that area of business.

We offer tailored business model options built for the middle market including vendor pays and contingency, entirely success based.

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