Karen started her career at a large IT company, providing both technical and client support for a variety of industries including Manufacturing, Finance, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage, and Retail.  During that time she gained experience in client interfacing, requirements gathering, project management, data analysis, and EDI technical support. 

In 2011 she joined Foresight Commodity Services, a consulting company specializing in fundamental commodity analysis, price forecasting and commodity purchasing strategy development.  She supported and maintained their website which included hundreds of commodity and ingredient data series in 13 categories.  Other responsibilities included managing several major website enhancements, testing, training, and user support.  Her redesign of their proprietary Sugar Re-Export App resulted in major efficiency and productivity improvements.   

She most recently joined The Seismic Group where she is providing support for sourcing projects, opportunity assessments, sales reporting, document management, and the procurement portal website.  Karen is continuously looking for ways to streamline, improve, and automate business processes.   

Karen has a B.S. in Business Administration and Management from Purdue University.   

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