Scott Smith is a connector, mentor, and solution provider who believes business development success is directly attributed to building mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships. He has built a robust, diverse, and reciprocally supportive network to serve the middle market. 

Scott prioritizes a client-centered approach that aligns complex projects with positive outcomes. He’s earned the reputation of a reliable, trusted advisor by helping companies manage change, navigate strategic initiatives, and solve difficult matters.

Though his formal training is in accounting, Scott has always had a penchant for business development. The former partner at Arthur Andersen draws on his background in financial reporting, auditing, taxes, and M&A transactions to manage the variables of key business decisions. Scott assesses the needs of a business and identifies critical areas of exposure. 

In his business development role at Supply Tigers, he works with middle-market manufacturers to improve their Strategic Sourcing. His process is driven by reducing costs and streamlining all aspects of the sourcing function. This dynamic, all-inclusive approach starts with a spend analysis to ensure the benefit is more comprehensive and long-term than simply reducing expenses. 

Scott’s team lives in the purchasing world daily. His up-to-the-minute insight is what clients rely on to develop the right kind of supplier relationships, at the right price, and at the same time—all of which improves quality and service.

Scott brings a unique perspective, credibility, and stability to the process of helping clients navigate complex processes.