Combat Inflation by Managing Indirect Spend

Table of Contents What is Indirect Spend, and why is controlling it essential?How Do You Manage Indirect Spend?So, what are the steps you need to take to gain control over Indirect Spend?Step #1: Organize Spend Data & Improve VisibilityStep #2: Implement eProcurement TechnologyStep #3: Establish a Relationship with a Group Purchasing Organization Manage Indirect Spend With an Opportunity Assessment Regain
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What Is Marketplace as a Solution (MaaS™)?

No matter your industry, efficiency and visibility are among the top priorities for purchasing teams. Instead of searching for products in multiple sources, you have everything you need in one place. With Supply Tigers’ Marketplace as a Solution, you have access to innovative strategies that increase savings potential and drive purchasing efficiency Our multi-channel, cloud platform facilitates automated and advanced
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How Active GPO Can Benefit Your Business

What Is Active GPO®?(And How Can It Benefit My Business?) You may be familiar with the idea of group purchasing but did not take action because you may not completely understand what it is. Let’s start with the basics: a group purchasing organization (GPO) acts as an integral piece to any supply strategy by helping to create efficiencies and improve
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What Is Source to Pay?

In today’s inflationary environment, efficient and effective S2P is essential. With the right all-in-one platform, you can turn incomplete and outdated procurement operations into a source of cost savings, transparency, value creation, and productivity.


Be Purposeful with Your Procurement

When it comes to efficient procurement, the opportunities for your enterprise are endless. And while it’s important to highlight the benefits of what solid procurement strategies can do for your company, discussing the aspects of poor procurement is just as essential.


Petfood Industry and Supply Tigers announce collaborative partnership

Leaders of Petfood Industry magazine, from WATT Global Media, and Supply Tigers, Inc. are pleased to announce a partnership that allows pet food companies and industry suppliers to streamline their indirect spend and supply chain optimization. The partnership will be effective starting March 1, 2022.